July 2015

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Week 8 – Just ROM reviews? Nah!

[Update] As promised, we present to you moar things! To add to the Moto 360 impressions and the AK Kernel spotlight, we bring you two more articles for tonight: A PAC-MAN ROM review by EpicSwirly, and a How-to-guide for Running Linux on Android by Rez K.

You can find the PAC-MAN ROM under Android ROM Reviews and the Linux on Android article in More Goodies. Enjoy!

Greetings fellow tech enthusiasts! So for the last two weeks we’ve been teasing that we’ll be posting more “pleasant surprises”, and to start off this week, we bring you two very different kinds of reviews/articles: first impressions of the Moto 360 smartwatch by Tiago Marques, and a step-by-step guide to the AK Kernel by Adam W!

You’ll find both these articles under our new “More Goodies” menu, or you just jump straight to it by clicking here.

Coming later tonight: one more surprise article to do with a certain familiar penguin friend of the green Android guy! 😉 8


Week 7 – A Pleasant Surprise!

Hello flashaholics! Instead of our usual content (i.e. ROM reviews) we bring you something different: the official release of Adam W’s (return.of.octobot) “Mobile Radio Pwn” app! Lollipop users suffering from battery drain rejoice! This is officially the first in our upcoming line of [spoiler alert] expanded content… 😉 You can find a detailed description of the app as well as download links here.

Enjoy the mobile radio pwnag3, and be sure to leave Adam a “thank you” if this app brings salvation to your poor battery! 0


Week 6 – New ROM’s reviews

Hello again fellow flashaholics. Welcome back!

Today AndroidScout team brings you freshly new ROM reviews with some sweet flavour with it. Yes, we know that it is not Sunday or Wednesday but Monday is still as a good day as any other right?

We bring to you three reviews:

  • Tiago Marques writes (a lot!) about SlimSaber

  • As the first guest review we have Kshitiz reviewing the “sweet” Candy5

  • Maleton3 comes back with another review, this time a less known Quantum LP

We can’t tell you much for now but we are working on some new content that we know you will love to see (and read!). Keep following us to learn more!


If you want other ROM’s for us to review that we didn’t cover yet use the comment section below to make your suggestions. We are more than happy to hear from you.

As always, Happy Flashing!




Mid-week Update for Week 4!

Welcome back, flashaholics! Before we move on to the usual “here’s what we have for you today”, we’d like to say something to our visitors:

We know the last couple of days have been a bit dry in terms of the number of reviews we have been putting out and we want to thank you all for bearing with us while we sort out the issues we have been facing. Some of our members have sorted out the problems on their devices while some still haven’t. But rest assured, we will be back every week to bring you content and we should be running at full speed again soon.

Again, a big thanks to you all for your patience and understanding, and for staying with us while we recuperate. For this Wednesday’s update, we bring you two reviews from our team members which you’ll find here, in the Android ROMs review list.

Enjoy! :) 0