About Us

What do we do?

We are a team of technology enthusiasts with two things in common: we love to experiment with our tech, and we share a common smartphone platform – Android. Something about the open source nature of Android appeals to our inner geeks and compels us to try different builds of Android on our phones… So much so, that we’ve all become Flashaholics!

Flashaholic: [n] (en.) /flæʃ-a-haw-lik/ An individual who incessantly installs custom operating systems, kernels and various other fun stuff on their Android-powered device.

And since you’re here, chances are you’re one of us!

Who are we and how did we start here?

Simply put, we all met in some way or other on the OnePlus forums. Which also explains our inexplicable commonality in all owning the OnePlus One phone. A discussion started by Jay Makadia regarding incessant flashing sparked the idea in the founding members: Niels Andersen, Greg Toback, Tiago Marques, Dax Nagtegaal and, of course, Jay himself.

Later additions to the group include Antoine Vdb, EpicSwirly, Adam Willis, Louise Broyer and Rez K. The entirety of the team are active members of the OnePlus forums community and would be happy to address any questions or comments you may have either here or on the Mental Support Group for Flashahoilcs thread on the OnePlus forums site.
Our best regards go to Marc Teixido for his graphic design of the flashaholic person on our banner.

Where are we from?

Our reviewers are based from all over the world, quite literally! Several of our members are from the US, some are from Europe and Asia. This allows us to provide information about the functionality of a certain ROM under different geographic circumstances – meaning that we get to gauge parameters such as thermal performance in various climates, or test cellular data connectivity and performance under a variety of carriers and bandwidths, etc.

For simplicity’s sake, we base our scheduling based on GMT, but our distribution of team members allows us to respond to your queries around the clock.


Want to learn more? Leave a comment, or feel free to contact us at contact@androidscout.com.

Happy flashing! :)

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