Android ROM Review List

Here you will find a listing of all the ROMs that have so far been tested by our team. Don’t forget to check back every Sunday and Wednesday for updates and new reviews!

ROM Reviews: Week 8

PAC-MAN ROM – EpicSwirly

ROM Reviews: Week 6

SlimSaber – Tiago Marques

Candy 5 – Kshitiz’s guest review

Quantum LP – Maleton3’s guest review

ROM Reviews: Week 5

CyanogenMod 12.1 – EpicSwirly

Tesla ROM High Voltage – Jay Makadia

ROM Reviews: Week 4

(New!) Exodus [Quick Review] – Rez K

(New!) MIUI 6 Wuxianlin Ported – Tiago Marques

Commotio – Adam W

OmniROM – Guest review by Maleton3

ROM Reviews: Week 3

Hazy ROM – Jay Makadia

Sonic Open Kang Project (SOKP) – Guest review by Kshitiz

OwnROM – Tiago Marques

CyanogenOS 12 – Guest review by teamcoy

Dirty Unicorns – Rez K

BrokenOS – Dax Nagtegaal

ROM Reviews: Week 2

Temasek – Jay Makadia

CyanideL – Greg Toback

HydrogenOS First Impressions – Louise Broyer

Exodus 5.1.1 – Guest review by Kevin Pei

CarbonROM – Louise Broyer

EOS 5 – Tiago Marques

Exodus 5.1.1 – Antoine Vdb

MoKee OpenSource – Rez K

VanirAOSP – Adam Willis

Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) – EpicSwirly

Dirty Unicorns – Dax Nagtegaal

ROM Reviews: Week 1

BrokenOS – Greg Toback

Resurrection Remix – Niels Andersen

EuphoriaOS – Antoine Vdb

FlexOS – Tiago Marques

XenonHD – Dax Nagtegaal

SlimLP – Rez K

BlissPop – Jay Makadia

TugaPower – EpicSwirly


  1. Kshitiz

    I dunno how to do this so..
    I’m going to your the most generic message ever!

    Hey, I am interested in being a reviewer and would love to contribute to this great initiative by you guys!

    —–Generic Message Over——
    @kforhorizon here from the forums!

    1. Epic Swirly Epic Swirly

      Take a look at our Contact Us page. Send us an email explaining why you would like to be a part of the team. Be aware that we are getting a lot of interested people, and while we are expanding we are considering a lot of different possibilities as to how we would expand.

  2. MarcYeo

    Great website with great would be greater if u guys would add more screen shots 😉

    1. Tiago Tiago

      Hello Marc

      Each of us have different forms of reviewing, some with more screenshots others with less. Some prefer to be more complex on the text while others want to make things more simple.

      Thank you for your feedback as it is really important to us

      Keep following us


      1. MarcYeo

        i totally agree with ur points.. maybe i am a person who likes to see more pic than words…anyway, totally appreciate the time and effort that all of u guys put to write the invaluable words..keep up the good work!! :)

  3. ViKiNG

    Hands down u guys rock !!! :)
    Nice idea.


  4. Tahir

    Guys dont review the same rom again and again !! Please thats my request! And best of luck !!

    1. Rez Rez

      Thank you for visiting, Tahir. We do different reviews of the same ROM by different reviewers to give a more thorough look at each ROM from different perspectives. For now, we will be sticking to this format until popular opinion or the landscape of available ROMs changes.


  5. Vlad

    I think different users will have different likes and even rom also has new versions and improvements.. it will be nice to have the review version detailed as it also effects viewers standpoint on some roms.. great.. so how can i do a reveiw?

    1. Tiago Tiago

      Hello there Vlad

      Some ROM’s have two or more different reviews from different AndroidScout’s writers. For example, the popular and hyped Exodus was reviewed by three different writers so we can give different standpoints.

      If you want us to have a different review on a particular ROM just ask us. You will be more than happy to do a “re” review.

      You can write us an e-mail to “” if you want to know how you can write for us.

      Thank you for the feedback



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