[Week 1] – Jay Makadia’s Review

Bliss Pop my new favorite ROM. Just when I fell in love with Resurrection Remix ROM, I thought it would be really hard for me to replace RR ROM. However, when I came to know about Bliss Pop, it “popped” in my mind that I should flash it and give it a shot; after all I am a Flashaholic so I had to satisfy my urge of flashing a new ROM.

First impression: The boot animation was just okay to me, nothing spectacular. As soon as I flashed Bliss Pop ROM and rebooted the device, as the name says, I was ‘blissed’ and fell in love instantly (sorry Resurrection Remix, you are still one of my favorites).

Just FYI, I flashed 0526 build of Bliss Pop. So, after rebooting the device, ROM felt buttery smooth. Performance wise it was amazing, zero lags and it was very responsive. I noticed the sound of unlocking/locking the device and clicking was different than CM12.1 ROM, it felt little odd in the beginning but I got used to it and actually ended up liking that sound.

Customizations: Bliss Pop is really a powerhouse packed with customization options. I would fall in love with any ROM with these amount of customizations. Bliss Pop allows you to manipulate its interface and basically you can change anything and everything according to your liking (that’s a BIG plus). Bliss Pop is based on CM and CM is based on Android, that’s a no brainer there, but my point is if you are not able to customize a ROM according to your preferences and likings then there is no fun. There would be no point of using an Android operating system, it would be like walking into a bar to drink orange juice, senseless right?

As soon as you click on Bliss Interface under Settings, you enter the magical world where all the fun begins. Three things really stood out to me in Display and Animations tab 1. IME animations: It allows to set a custom animation for system keyboard, basically you can set a particular animation effect on how keyboard pops up and exit on the screen 2. Scrolling modifiers: This is my personal favorite. It doesn’t change the scrolling animations (ListView animations would do that) but you can actually set values for ‘Fling velocity’, ‘Scroll friction’, ‘Overscroll distance’, and ‘Overfling distance’ that’s really cool! 3. Identicons: This is also a really cool feature which I didn’t find in any other ROM, what it does is, it changes Identicon style for your contacts. Retro, Contemporary, Spirograph, and Dot matrix are the options that you can select from.

Also, it’s really awesome how you can change the color of heads up text and background color. There is Do not disturb and Blacklist options in heads up tab, where you can add apps in those lists and modify the heads up behavior for the selected apps. I liked how you can add sound panel in your power menu, I think it comes really handy in certain situations. I am not a big fan of OmniSwitch, but the option is there to turn on/off if you use OmniSwitch. There are also tons of Navigation options App circle bar, App bar, Gesture anywhere, SlimPIE, etc. I mean it’s never ending and that’s actually a good thing in a way if you ask me.

It has built in SuperSU so you don’t really have to install an app. Kernel Adiutor is one of the many options under Performance tab where you can play around and change with the internals (I didn’t modify anything of course).

I would like to point out a thing that I love the system’s scrolling effect, I mean there is no animation of any kind, but what I mean is that when you scroll it looks flawless and it scrolls almost like a rotating wheel. When you scroll, the scrolling stops gradually, it doesn’t stop all of a sudden. I don’t know if I have explained it well and you can understand what I just said, but you would know what I am talking about when you personally see it.

I almost forgot to mention, but there is also tons of customization options in the messaging app. You can change the bubble style, the color of the bubble, the color of text, add/remove the time of the messages, background color. It is really awesome and I just loved how I could change all of that. There are many other options that you can play with.

Battery Life: While testing out this ROM, it was my daily driver for over a week, it gave me 5-5.30 hours of SOT. That is not bad at all for me. Battery life really depends on how you use your device. I am not a gamer or anything but on daily basis I use Pandora music app for 2 hours, WhatsApp all day long, Gmail all day long, and few other apps. Just to clear, I use Greenify with auto-hibernation turned on and modified settings for almost all the apps in privacy guard.

Conclusion: I wanted and tried writing a short review for Bliss Pop but I failed as there are so many options and customizations to talk about. Thus, Bliss Pop is one of my favorite ROM and I fell in love with it as soon as I flashed it. I didn’t write about any cons for this ROM it’s because I didn’t find anything major which can be an obstacle as your daily driver. If you decide to flash it and try out Bliss Pop, don’t hesitate for a second, I definitely recommend this ROM

Blisspop XDA thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/development/rom-blisspop-team-bliss-bacon-04-13-t3083553



  1. Kevin Connolly aka theshinybeast Kevin Connolly aka theshinybeast

    Nice write up Jay ,finally, after all the scandal , I think I’ll add Blisspop to my list of future ROMs.Cheers

  2. AntMunny AntMunny

    Did you happen to run AnTuTu and get a score?

    1. Jay Makadia Jay Makadia

      No…me and the other AndroidScout members have decided to not test out any benchmark as it doesn’t really matter in your daily use.

        1. Niels_Andersen

          But to be honest, it’s just a pretty inaccurate indicator for a rom.
          Of course, when you got differences like 10000 points on Antutu, you know one rom is more laggy than the other. I had that on Mokee, which was a good rom but gave me 10000 points less on Antutu than Resurrection Remix gave me. But you already felt it while operating, just my 2 cents are: You can feel a laggy rom while normal testing.

          1. Adam Willis Adam Willis

            I definitely agree with you there Neils, although I did throw up some AnTuTu and GeekBench scores, I essentially made the decision to do so because I was more comfortable posting those than SOT screenshots. It’s almost like the lesser of two evils. Either way, I don’t really believe in benchmarks in general, unless we’re talking about gaming. They are generally pretty inconsistent as I ran several on VanirAOSP with stock configs and scored between 46000 & 47000.

  3. tahir

    Hey can any one suggest the best kernel for blisspop as i have tried ak kernel but the phone hangs a lot..is franco kernel good for performance and battery life?

    1. Jay Makadia Jay Makadia

      I haven’t tried franco kernel, but I am surprised that AK kernel gave you problems…I am not sure if franco would be the same for you. But in my opinion stock kernel for BlissPop should be the best.


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