[Week 6] – Kshitiz’ guest review

[ROM][5.1.1] Candy5 (v2.5.6/v2.7)

Welcome to the Candy Shop

This is Candy5. Built straight from CyanogenMod source with commits from a variety of different Sources/ROMS

Like many of you flashaholics, Candy5 was a relatively unknown ROM to me. Some of you may have not even heard of this ROM. But, it currently caters to more than 25 devices!! That is SWEET!! It is nurtured by 16 very qualified developers and they aim to bring to you their very own sweet version of LOLLIPOP based on 5.1.1. I tested Candy5 and had it as my daily driver for more than 10 days and had v2.5.6 and v2.7 takeover my OnePlus One during this period. This review is based on the latest release available for bacon (v2.7) .So, before flashing this I thought “they have welcomed me to their candy shop but will they make me lick their lollipop?? “

Let’s find out

Sweet (UI feel and features)

As anybody wants from a ROM it should be smooth, fast and fluid! There is no complaining here! I might go as far as to say that Candy5 stands tall with the best the community has to offer. Apps open up quick, the transitions are smooth, the animations don’t feel laggy, responsiveness is amazing! Everything is just Vanilla Smooth.

Candy5 offers a good number of customisations stacked in the setting under “Candy Interface”.

There is nothing special here to drool at! There’s Ad Blocker which works very well but can’t update the hosts file (I’m just nitpicking here).

Recents Menu offers the option to use OmniSwitch but honestly I don’t really see how it is better than the stock recents panel! But, that could be just me!

One thing that I found to be a little…off…is that the navigation bar can be enabled in the buttons tab but if you want to customise it you’ll have to go to the navigation bar tab in candy interface!? (See, I told you I was nitpicking here!)

The quick settings panel carries a couple of bugs. When you switch off your WiFi connection after using it, it stays on the same icon! You’ll have to close the panel and then open it again to see the change in the icon! Sometimes even after this the WiFi stays ON and drains the battery, this does not happen a lot but it’s just something that I nitpicked!

Also, I couldn’t find a built in screen recorder anywhere! I hardly use it but it’s something that’s becoming a standard in every ROM !

Apart from a couple of “inconveniences” everything is really really good on this ROM. Willy Wonka is doing a good job here!

Not so sweet (Performance)

For all you antutu freaks!!! Candy5 scored north of 49000 in antutu! Honestly, I don’t really give benchmarks any importance unless the scores are drastically lower or higher than what is “normal” for my or any device.

Real World performance is what matters!

Now, I’m not saying that the performance was awful on Candy5,  it wasn’t even bad! It was really good and stood tall with any ROM you can think of until you start playing graphic intensive games!

During my daily usage I tend to play a lot of games (Mostly Asphalt 8, UFC, Modern Combat 5) and I couldn’t help but notice that there were occasional drop in frame rates, it wasn’t so bad to disrupt my experience but it was at times noticeable and this is something that I never noticed in any of the ROMs that I’ve used. Occasional stutters is what anyone would call it!(But, remember? I’m Nitpicking!)

One thing that I did notice is the device didn’t heat up much and even when it did, it was barely noticeable!

Gives you the sweet tooth (battery life)

Takes a bit away in performance but gives it back in terms of battery life!

Before saying anything else I’d like to let you know my daily usage ! My daily usage includes an hour of voice calls, an hour of gaming, youtube and other social networking apps (fb , messenger, whatsapp, telegram,snapchat, vine, twitter,etc) , browsing a lot! So I would say I am a heavy user!

Also, I only use greenify as my battery saving friend without xposed for testing purposes because an average user may not use xposed at all! Also I deny play services keep awake, wake up and autostart permissions with the help of privacy guard.

So without much ado I’ll show you my battery stats:

Without Greenify: (Moderate to heavy usage)

During this period,  I didn’t play any games at all! Though as you can see voice calls took away 15% of my battery which was almost 3 and a half hours of voice calls and the regular browsing and messaging apps along with WiFi being on all the time as you can see (Even though I didn’t want it to be). One thing that I didn’t like was Android OS and Android System were draining more battery than I expected them to. If candy makers can address this issue this ROM will be the best for battery life on 5.1.1.  Anyhow the battery lasted for around 23 hours before I had to plug it in. The standy time was great, it drained just 2-3% over the course of 8hrs everday of my testing (when I was asleep). This is pretty sweet!!

With Greenify (heavy usage)

These battery stats are when I was free in the evening and had nothing to do but play UFC (1 hour) , watch videos on YouTube (1.30 hour) and browsing and messaging and voice calls (1 hour) with WiFi ON almost all the time! I was impressed by how well Candy5 took my usage! But as you can see, android OS and android system still drained my battery a little more than I would like.

I am extremely impressed by how well candy5 performs in this department.

Do I “lick” it or not?

Honestly, there is nothing much to dislike about this ROM. It’s stable, performs well and battery life is great. The devs only give out weekly updates only when they think the update is fully functional otherwise they don’t! (candy5 v2.8 update was reverted because the devs realised the buttons were broken). They give OTA’s through their built in app CANDY OTA. This ROM is extremely under rated and deserves atleast a little hype currently going towards ROMs that are the same if not inferior (I’m looking at you Exodus).

In the end I would just like to say if you are looking for a ROM that is stable with a fair number of customisation options and really good battery life, you’ve got to “Lick” this candy!!

 Rating: 8/10

Official Website : www.the-candy-shop.co



  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    Nice one Kshitiz.
    The couple of times I´ve been on Candy I´ve always enjoyed it as well and I´ve found it to be really stable.It is odd the way it is not very well known but at the same time I think it´s missing …..eh something,no idea what,to make you want to stick with it for very long.I´ve found that this happens with quite a few very good ROMs,they´re really solid ROMs but just lack that little something to become more popular.Having said that, this is just another reason for all the great reviews,to remind us of the good things that are still out there. Great work man.

  2. Asuka299

    Which theme app is present?? Layers or CM ??

  3. AntMunny AntMunny

    dude, when someone reviews for us bacon lovers, you HAVE to be nitpicky. Since all ROMS are basically the same, It’s these little nitpicky details that set them apart. Don’t hold back on your next review, ok?

    I’ve always avoided this ROM because it seems like it’s not updated all that frequently. Seems like once every 6 weeks or something like that back when I thought about flashing this ROM. I didn’t see weekly updates like you did.

    16 devs/maintainers for this ROM? didn’t realize Candy was that big.

    Do you know if the kernel was tweakable or is it just the stock CM kernel?

    but you’re right about people not giving this ROM a lot of play. Maybe the devs should be more obnoxious, like the devs for Broken, Dirty Unicorns, Exodus, & Steve Kondik/CyanogenMod. Nice guy devs don’t seem to get you far

    I’ll give this ROM a try…


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