[Week 2.5] – Greg Toback’s Review

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Introducing the ROM

So after reading some of the criticism from my review last week review I decided to swallow my pride and write a shorter more to the point review.

UI Feel and Smoothness

CyanideL is a CM12.1 based ROM. The nice thing about a CM based ROM is that for the most part it is going to just work right out of the box and CyanideL did that. So the question becomes “does this ROM do enough to distinguish itself from the rest?” Well let’s take a look and see what you think.
For this review I used Slim Mini Gapps with Viper 4 Android.

My total bootup time from swipe to welcome screen was three minutes and it does have its own boot-up animation.

After signing in to my Google Account and getting into the ROM it was nice to see that they have Nova Launcher as their homepage. I was really very pleased with all the tweaks that were available. I can only describe this ROM as having the best features from other very good ROMs such as AICP, Flex, Resurrection Remix and others.

Feature and Customizability

Here is a list of some of the features that are included with CyanideL:
-Expanded sound options on the power menu that let you pick Mute, Vibrate or Ring.
-Expanded volume menu that also includes the ability to choose whether you want to block all incoming, priority incoming or allow all incoming.
-In the messaging app you have the ability to customize it with different colors for background and text and bubble styles. (I personally like this a lot. I do a fair share of texting and the regular CM12 messaging is boring to me.)
-App Circle Bar. This is something that I use every day.
-Gesture Anywhere.
-Heads Up Notifications.
-Custom Quick Settings Tiles.
-Colorized Icons in Statusbar.
-Breathing Notifications.
-Battery animations while charging. (It has the dotted circle battery, I mention it because I really like that one).
CyanideL also had Ad Blocker, Wake Lock Blocker and System App Remover.
All the above worked flawlessly for me.

Negatives include their version of Cyanide Blackout which made some menus unusable, such as Battery Stats, but overall it looks really good. Hopefully this is something they can improve later on. I’m also not a fan of CM12’s Theme Engine. It is just boring when compared to Layers.

Battery Life and Performance

Overall I found the UI of Cyanide extremely fast and smooth and with all the built in tweaks I got the best battery life that I have seen with any CM12.1 based ROM. As a group we try to test the batteries by running them from 100% to 10%. I was never able to drain my battery all the way to 10% because of my need for my phone daily. The closest I got was 15% and that was after 26 hours off charge. I did average approximately 5.5 hours SOT daily. I use LTE for about half the time and Wi-Fi the other half the time. I daily use Bluetooth for streaming music a minimum of 2 hours per day and speak on the phone approximately 2-3 hours a day.

CyanideL handled multi-tasking with ease and I never experienced any random reboots.

CyanideL also had no problems connecting with my carrier and I didn’t experience any LTE drops that I experienced with other CM12.1 ROMs.

For a newer ROM this one can definitely be used as a daily driver for all the reasons I listed above. I felt very secure using this ROM that my calls would not be dropped and everything will work.

Overall Impression and Conclusion

Overall I would rate this ROM as Very Good. I would like to see them straighten out the blackout theme. If you have never used CyanideL I highly recommend that you give it a try. If you are a CM12.1 fan you will be extremely happy with this ROM. I personally prefer the AOSP ROMs but that is a matter of opinion.

XDA Link  *HERE*



  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    I totally agree,of course, with the theme engine vs Layers conundrum,it just seems to take all the fun out of setting up your phone.I’m also more of an AOSP man now myself,BrokenOS is still my daily driver, so I can see where you’re coming from in the review,I think,yes it’s a great stable ROM but……..As usual Sir nice review (a tad short though ; ) )

    1. Mike J

      How you say asop is best than cm? cm is much so better than any. good review about fetures bad final.

      1. Adam Willis Adam Willis

        It’s called an opinion Mike. Just because Greg feels differently than you do does not invalidate his review. CM is great and all, but it’s far from infallible. Also, just because a ROM is AOSP based doesn’t it mean that it lacks CM caliber customizations, those days are over and AOSP is more viable than ever.

    2. Greg Toback

      Thank you Beastie… I think I am going to try to land my next review right in the middle. 😉

  2. Adam Willis Adam Willis

    Awesome work per usual Greg. Don’t let ’em influence your style, long winded reviews 4 lyfe \m/

    1. Greg Toback

      Thank you Adam. Appreciate the feedback.

  3. camohan camohan

    Nice one Greg. Be your natural that way you bring out the best in you..!!

    1. Greg Toback

      Thank you. I’m just trying to find that place that isn’t too long winded that people get bored reading it and don’t want to finish it and too short where readers feel they got nothing out of it.

  4. AntMunny AntMunny

    haven’t read through the xda thread, but I’m just wondering why it hasn’t been updated in a while….


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