[Week 1] – Antoine Vdb’s Review

[ROM][5.1.1] EuphoriaOS 1.1 by the creators of Mahdi-ROM

22.04.15 - 1


Euphoria OS 1.1 is a Lollipop 5.1.1 ROM based on CM12.1 and it has all the features you’d expect from a CM based ROM, plus some really neat features. It has everything you’d ask from a custom ROM except for an AdBlocker or WakeLock Blocker.. Not a deal breaker though, since you can just install those yourself. It has good battery life and it’s buttery smooth. Let’s dive into it !


In terms of speed and feel Euphoria is really smooth but I personally found it to be even faster and without any hiccups even through harsh multitasking than the official CM12.1 nightlies. I didn’t notice any crashes or FC’s except the usual Play Services crashes. It just feels like it should, never experienced any lag or whetever. This ROM is simply sailing through everything. The stability is really what I’d determine as perfect. Nothing to complain about and sincerely this has been the best feeling ROM I’ve ever felt (although I haven’t tested all of them).

Battery Life

Important one here. Note: I do use Amplify, Greenify Xposed and Privacy Guard to get the best battery stats. The latest CM12.1 Nightlies were giving me poor battery life (like 3h40min SOT) and you have to know that my battery is shitty overall, whatever ROM so I can only compare to other ROMs. I can tell you that I usually get around 5hours SOT on WiFi only on Euphoria (Going from 100% to 5%) and that this is the max I ever gotten on my One so for me, really good battery life overall. No weird wakelocks, standby time is really good (only lose about 2% overnight). I also found that my battery and CPU were cooler than when running the CM12.1 nightlies. But after a couple of days I noticed my battery was getting worse… I don’t know what happened, I didn’t have any wakelocks or weird battery stats my battery was just not as good as it was in the beginning (although I used a lot more LTE and music playback, it was still not really good)


As for the features and customizability, Euphoria is damn good, there are so many subtle tweaks and little options that make the user experience so much better! Take an example, the Notification Drawer, of course you can replace the QS tiles just like on any other custom ROM but on Euphoria OS, you can also make them look differently, make that the drawer collapses if you click on it, for the data connection tile, you don’t need to click on it and then enable it, if you click it toggles on/off… And that’s only one example of this magical Notification Drawer. Important feature for me is also the fact that you can disable that persistent notification when Privacy Guard is active which is really neat. You also have the true silent mode like in KitKat (yey). What I really liked about the settings in Euphoria is that all the extra features (not made by CM) are buried into the already existing settings, don’t know if you’re still following.. I mean, there is no “Euphoria Settings” in the settings menu, like other ROMs do, they’re just all where they should be and in the good categories. Really convenient.

Overall Impressions

Bottom line is; It’s really good. It has just enough features (nothing unnecessary) and the battery life is on point. Really, it’s just a good ROM and it has been my favorite as of now! Euphoria does the job, that’s all I asked and I’ve been pleased. Go ahead and flash it! You’ll probably like it 😉


Download it here ! :  http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/development/rom-euphoria-os-beta-0-4-t2960226



  1. macem29

    Thanks for the write up, first I’ve seen that gives details on the
    customizability of the ROM, and really what I was looking for.

    Been using Mahdi for a bit and love it, was wondering if Euphoria
    from the same Dev was similar, but all I ever read ablout is battery life,
    don’t really care that much about battery life.

    So thanks!

    1. Antoine Vandroo Antoine Vandroo

      You will be pleased with it, it’s still my favorite ROM so far.

      Thanks for reading 😉


      1. redleema

        Agree with you, a top ROM this one!

  2. Kevin Connolly aka theshinybeast Kevin Connolly aka theshinybeast

    Haven´t tried it, YET .You´ve just convinced me to have a go .Nice write up Antoine ,great work .

    1. Antoine Vdb Antoine Vdb

      Thanks for reading ! It is indeed a great ROM, you won’t be disappointed.

      Antoine 😉

  3. AntMunny AntMunny

    I know Euphoria doesn’t get weekly updates like a lot of our favorite ROMs. Are there any missing features that you think you’re missing from the most current ROMs?

    1. Antoine Vdb Antoine Vdb

      I haven’t found that yet except maybe OTA updates.. But I don’t use that on other ROMs so it doesn’t affect me


  4. It would have been great to see some screenshots related to this ROM.


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