[Week 2] – Antoine Vdb’s Review

[ROM][5.1.1] EXODUS Android Lollipop

Exodus 5.1.1 is a famous ROM. The Exodus thread has around 500 pages on the forum. It’s popular. But is it because it is one of the most popular ROMs on the OnePlus One that it is one of the best ? It isn’t by any means. It’s good but it’s a bit overrated in my opinion. Let’s have a look !

Feel [Score 9/10]

For the feel of Exodus, I would give a 9/10… I’s really fast and there are no hiccups at all like you’d expect from a 5.1.1 ROM but I had a random reboot in this whole week, not a big deal though. I had some issues with Instagram freezing and Facebook sometimes crashing. So it’s not a perfect experience but it’s really good.. Like most of today’s ROMs.

Battery Life [Score 7/10]

Exodus is known to be the holy ROM for battery life and many people are getting really good stats in terms of SOT and all but it isn’t my case. I tried with and without battery saving apps (like Greenify + Amplify + PowerNap) and it seems that got BETTER battery life WITHOUT these ! It might seem a bit contradictory but that’s also what people recommend on the thread. Now, you may or may not know that my battery is poor (still debating if it is normal or if I should replace it) because one of the ROM that gave me the worst battery life was this one… As silly as it might sound I couldn’t get my phone to last a day with more than 4 hours SOT. So it was a pretty bad experience for me even though a lot of people (I mean a lot) are saying wonders about Exodus and its amazing battery life… So I still give it a 7 because apparently it’s good but that was not my experience.

Features [9/10]

Now in to the features. I’m less disappointed here as the customizability is complete. From going to nav bar changes to 420 DPI option (finally a ROM that supports 420!) you have a wide variety of options. All these options are placed into the “Exodus” section of the settings (yes it is) and in there you have “Interface” , “Hardware” , “themes” and “ROM controls”. Now I found that there are some settings that could’ve been placed in the Interface folder instead of hardware but other than that everything is well arranged. I’ll go over the most unique/interesting features here. To begin with you have a shortcut for : SuperSU (yes it’s built-in), Xposed and Viper4Android, really neat although it does the same thing as clicking on their icon in your apps drawer. Next we have an AdBlocker which works really well although I found myself blocked on websites that had nothing wrong.. You have an SELinux mode changer ! And a system app remover. Really good but make sure to know what you’re deleting because yes you can delete your settings app (not recommended if you ask me). Exodus also supports OTA updates ! Haven’t tested it yet but annoying thing is that it shows you all past updates too.. Now another feature that is hidden in the developer settings in “Morph Mode” and what it does is that you can select which settings menu you want to see, you have the option between : AOSP, CyanogenMod and Exodus of course. It might sound cool but I mean if you flash Exodus you don’t want to hide settings, you don’t want to limit yourself to the AOSP settings.

Overall Impressions

To conclude, I’d say that this ROM is good but compared to other ROMs it’s not that much better .. It’s not because it’s one of the most popular one that is so much better than others. In one word : OVERRATED. I enjoyed using it but it was giving me poor battery life but I think a lot of people like it and you haven’t tested it yet you should because if you’re lucky you will have the best battery life you’ve ever had plus some really well done features and a stable ROM overall that has OTA nightly update.

Overall score : 8.5/10



  1. redleema

    I’ll probably get some down votes for this but hey-ho. I too fail too see the hype in Exodus and thought your 9/10 features score was very generous considering competing ROMs (eg. VanirAOSP, Euphoria, XenonXD, TeamEOS etc.) have alot of similar, if not the same set of features. Morph Mode is ‘nice’ but, for me, not a feature that makes this ROM stand out from the crowd. Think we agree on that one. :)

    1. Tiago Tiago

      I never tried Exodus

      *fly away*

  2. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    I am ,by the looks of it, one of the few who have not tried Exodus yet so I´m really happy to have read this before I give it a go.I have however tried BrokenOS ,CyanideL,XenonHD etc and am now intrigued to see if the hype ,features wise anyway,is just that, hype.Top stuff again Antoine,even more useful when I haven´t used the ROM yet.

  3. AntMunny AntMunny

    LOL @ overrated.

    I never had the legendary battery life on the 5.0 version of Exodus that everyone else was getting. Guess I probably will not get it on this version, either

  4. mikeyjena

    Hello Antoine,
    First of all thanks for the review.Now coming to the overrated thing as per “Your” opinion,now the keyword here is “Your”,does that mean you are right about ROM ?.Ans is absolutely not.Many people gave their opinion in so many forums ,do you mean their testimonial are just jingoism of exodus without really tried it like you?/Point is ,a good rom also depends on many factors like usage and the installation procedure.I used RR,UNI,Bliss and carbon yet I never crossed 5 hrs of SOT based on my Heavy usage coz I always want my email synced with calender,I need my whatsapp and my twitter running whole day.But Now am using Exodus and I can tell you it crosses 6hrs SOT without a glitch and yet its overrated.You should do some search before ignoring and commenting about something .

    1. Adam Willis Adam Willis

      No one here is trying to invalidate the positive testimonials that Exodus has received. With that being said, as valid as the positive are, so too are the negative. However, in this case, Antoine’s review is not a negative one.. It’s an honest one. How, pray tell, is a score of 8.5 that offensive to you, that is a GOOD score. I for one think that Exodus is a fantastic ROM, but this is a perfect example of the problem I have with the perception of it. It’s always got to be so black and white, right? Either it’s Divine Source Code descending from Valhalla on a golden chariot, or it’s a biased review. Again, Exodus = a Great ROM, not THE greatest ROM. There is no such thing, and for every satisfied customer extolling the virtues of it’s battery economics, there’s another one that’s disappointed that it didn’t live up to the hype, this is especially true since 5.1 dropped. I’m genuinely happy that you found what you were looking for with Exodus, but that doesn’t mean everyone else did. There’s no reason that Antoine needs to take anyone’s but his own opinions into consideration, that’s what this is. He tested the ROM and reflected on his own personal experience. The fact that it doesn’t sync up with your own doesn’t make it wrong or uninformed.

    2. Antoine Vdb Antoine Vdb

      You mean that I shouldn’t give my opinion but I should write what everyone says ? What would be the benefit ? It’s just like any review on the internet .. Some like it, some don’t. Plus, my score was 8.5/10 it’s actually really good. All I’m saying in my review is that it’s good but there are so many other ROMs out there that are unknown to the community that are just as good as this (if not better in my opinion). Now if you disagree it’s ok because you can also give your opinion, I gave mine and sorry if I don’t say wonders like others do because in my experience it wasn’t “The Greatest ROM Of All Time”

      Thanks for your comment and I hope to see you around soon 😉

  5. Devas

    I wouldn’t say Over-rated but this rom basically an Optimized CM 12 . Why people go gaga over it,though I never Flashed it still can any one let me know? Is it really good as RR when it comes to stability and as a daily driver?


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