[Week 3.5] – Jay Makadia’s Review


[ROM][5.1.1] Hazy Rom Review

(Jay Makadia, June 24,2015)

First Impression

Hazy ROM, is it really hazy as per the name? Let’s find out! Okay, so the boot animation, it was really really really…boring! Ehh a very simple boot animation, nothing too animatic. The first thing I noticed was the Hazy ROM is colorful. I saw there is a difference in color of Notification Drawer and Phone than the stock Android or CM ROM. Also, the top most panel in Settings is Sky Blue in color and all the icons of the menu under settings has its own unique color, which I kind of liked it. Recent Panel is little different too which I will write about more in Customization down below. Performance wise I felt Hazy was smooth and responsive, but I found out that each and every single time I changed the sound of Notification or the Ringtone, settings app would crash, that is awful!


There isn’t many options in terms of customizations, sadly that was a bummer for me. One thing about Photo Gallery is that the Folders and Photos are scrolled Horizontally instead of traditional Vertical scrolling, I like it. There are few other things that I would like to point out. Hazy has built in app called Hazy Center where you have five options:

  1. Hazy Updater
  2. Device Manager
  3. Kernel Manager (Keeps on crashing most of the time)
  4. Blog
  5. Contact Us

Inside, Device Manager it shows you the storage space distribution of your device, with battery stats and CPU usage stats. There is also App Manager inside Device Manager where you can simply Open or Uninstall any apps from your device, it also gives you an option where you can copy apk files for all the apps on your device, this is something new and I have not seen anything like this in any other ROM.

Recent Panel: It’s like normal recent panel, but with one difference, that is, in place of clear all button it has this button very similar to recent menu on the navigation bar. What that button does is by single clicking on it, two buttons pops up right above it and they are shortcuts to Settings Menu and Hazy Center. I don’t know if I like that feature because I don’t really see a good reason behind putting that option over there. Anyways, so you would think there is no Clear All button in recent apps panel? Yes, there is clear all button, simply long press the recent menu look alike button inside the recent apps panel and it would close all your recent apps except the last app that you were using. Again, no good reason why it won’t close the last used app.

File Manager: They call it HManager in Hazy ROM. It looks totally different than the File Manager in CM ROM. The one feature I like about HManager is that right across each files & folder, there is a menu option where you have options to Pin, Copy, Cut, Rename, Zip, Delete, and Details. This is a very handy compared to file manager in CM ROM where you would have to select a particular file or folder in order to access further options.


I was kind of disappointed with the battery life, I was getting 3.5 – 4 hours of SOT max every day and this was WITH Greenify Auto Hibernation. The overnight battery drain was bad too, it was around 9 – 12%. I don’t know why Hazy ROM doesn’t have a good battery life since it is NOT a big customization powerhouse and it’s a very simple ROM basically.


In the end, I conclude that Hazy is just an okay ROM for me. I mean it’s not bad, but it’s not for me. Surely, it needs lot of work to improve but I feel like once it’s improved, Hazy can be a pretty good ROM.

(Written by Jay Makadia)

Jay Makadia



Download and Info Links:

Hazy XDA Link >>



  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    Nice one Jay .It looks as though this is another one to come back to in the future.Maybe later it´ll improve but they´ll need to step up their game to fight with the big guns, Broken, RR etc.

    1. Jay Makadia Jay Makadia

      I agree…I think this ROM has good potential, but again only if they are able to improvise on what they already have.


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