[Week 2.5] – Louise Broyer’s First Impressions

Hi guys ! I tried Hydrogen OS the day it was leaked and was dying to do a review on it. I only ran with it for a day though, so this will be more of a short peek :)

A new version is out since Friday (06/12/15), but I didn’t test it yet. If you did, I’d be thrilled to get your impressions ! 

If you’re using MultiRom, you’d better be ready to backup your primary rom as HydrogenOS doesn’t boot as secondary. The boot animation is very slick, but a bit sad to my taste : the Oneplus logo is followed by a dark bubble rolling on itself.

The lock screen is simple, with only the hour and date showing up. When I tested it, notifications weren’t indicated on it, which was a tad (okay, a lot haha) annoying when you’re used to Lollipop. Nonetheless, this will certainly be implemented if it’s not already. The charging animation is beautiful.

The design is absolutely amazing. The colors are beautiful, very radiant, and the icons are nicely shaped. The native ones blend perfectly with the others in my opinion, and that’s coming from a girl who likes everything to be perfectly organized 😉 The weather app is particularly stunning.


However, if you’re using Titanium Backup Pro, I do NOT recommend you to restore your applications in one batch ! It’s better to restore them one by one and directly drag them directly where you want them to be… I did the batch restoration and felt like banging my head on the wall afterward. You have to know that even if your phone is an Android, this rom is a vast mimicry of an Iphone. Meaning, no app drawer. Go ahead and try to rearrange nine pages of applications without going mad ! I certainly wasn’t strong enough for this trial…

Screenshot_2015-06-07-22-16-25 Screenshot_2015-06-07-15-53-48

As you could expect from an Iphone copy, the quick settings windows is accessible by swinging up from the bottom of the screen. The gesture is a bit though to get, as you actually have to avoid hitting the home button. I feel like recreating this feature is a real shame : it’s both annoying and hard to access.

Another thing stolen from Apple’s product : the extreme lack of customization. If you like to personalize your phone, you will certainly be disappointed. Nevertheless, this new UI is a big change and you might not feel the urge to tweak everything right away !

I have to say that the speed of HydrogenOS really impressed me. It was extremely smooth, definitely one of the fastest roms I’ve ever experienced. I’ve seen a couple crashes though, but nothing unbearable.

I have not witnessed a single bug. However, I had a pretty nasty battery drain (which was the reason I only stayed on Hydrogen for a day), but seems like other people on the forums were having great battery life, so I might just as well be an isolated case. If you try it, tell me how it goes for you !

In conclusion, HydrogenOs is a great rom for Apple fans or people looking for a change. If you don’t belong to one of those categories, you may have a hard time adjusting ! You should definitely try it and see if it fits your tastes :)


You can find the official Hydrogen OS thread with the download links on the Oneplus One forums here 

I will update this page shortly and provide more screenshots ! 



  1. AntMunny AntMunny

    I don’t get it. Is the iPhone NOT available in China? or maybe the iPhone price is the equivalent of $5000 US over there. I just want to know why Android based Chinese ROMs tend to copy iOS instead of Android.

    1. Louise Broyer Louise Broyer

      Hahaha exactly! I really don’t understand it either. Why in the world would you put IOS on your Android phone?


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