[Week 8] – Brandon Mendoza’s Review

[ROM][5.1.1]PAC – ROM LP-MR1 Beta-2 (July 19th Build)


PAC-MAN ROM, or PAC for shorthand, is a ROM that has a special place in my flashaholic heart. In the early days of my flashaholic addiction, I had just unlocked my bootloader, installed TWRP, and had tried the CM12 nightlies, while CyanogenMod 11s was still around. I was amazed and wanted to try another ROM besides the nightlies. The first ROM I happened to stumble upon was PAC ROM. It seemed very interesting and upon using it I was instantly hooked. However, because of my flashaholic addiction, I quickly left PAC behind and moved on to other ROMs.

I have used this ROM before multiple times across my flashaholic addiction. It’s not new to me by any means of the definition. One thing that is apparent about this ROM is that it is not as well known as other ROMs. Surprisingly, not many people know that this ROM exists. I believe part of that reason also falls upon the fact that PAC was one of the ROMs that took a longer period to transition from 5.0.2 to 5.1. The CM12.1 nightlies had been out for a few weeks and PAC was still on 5.0.2. I ended up checking the XDA thread daily in hopes to see it had moved to 5.1.1, and while later, it did. PAC, gets it name from the Namco created Pac-Man. The idea being that PAC is an All-In-One ROM which brings different features from different ROMs together into one package. However, as I have tested and mentioned in my other reviews, All-In-One ROMs tend to compromise stability or something similar to include as many features as possible. Will PAC be one of those ROMs or will it be different, let’s find out.

Waka, waka
All in the details
Like I said, All in the details
One of the few ROMs that uses the CM Login

Feel and Stability:

The other All-In-ROM I reviewed, was AICP. While AICP was snappy and responsive it suffered from constant SystemUI crashes among other problems. Fortunately, PAC doesn’t not follow along AICP’s foot steps and it provides a smooth and responsive UI, that is once you adjust a setting or two. The actual transition time between doing actions is just the same as the CM12.1 nightlies or any other ROM, but the actual transition animation tended to take longer than usual. Luckily, PAC Includes a large amount of customizability and even has a tab within it’s appropriately labeled “PAC Settings” to tamper and customize the different animations. Changing the animations speed from 30 to 15 makes the animation display at their more normal speed.

Otherwise than the previously mentioned oddity, everything else is normal. The only one time I experienced a SystemUI crash was when trying to enable and edit the App Navbar, but more on that later. Other than that, moving around felt fluid, there was no stutters or UI issues. While transitioning around UI was not as quick as other ROMs such as AICP, it was responsive, fluid and on par with the CM12.1 nightlies and many other ROM’s.

Furthermore, the ROM is overall extremely stable. As mentioned in my CM12.1 Nightlies Review, the reason I keep returning to the nightlies is because I simply find them to be the most stable ROM. However, PAC is a close second if not on par with the nightlies. I had zero system crashes(besides the one previously mentioned), random reboots, random errors or any type of problems. It is definitely daily driver material in terms of stability. One of the most, if not the most, stable ROM I have tried and reviewed so far.

Battery Life:

As always let’s talk about my battery usage. I am a heavy user of my OnePlus One. Almost always WiFi and/ or LTE Data is turned on, although I am using Mobile Radio PWN. Likewise, my Bluetooth connection is almost always on in order to connect to my Moto 360. My usage of my OPO includes web browsing, mostly for the forums and tech sites, multiple messages being sent from different messaging apps(SMS, Telegram and Hangouts) and the once in a while game for a few minutes. Additionally, the only battery saving methods that I use are greenify, to hibernate apps that might drain battery, and Privacy Guard denying Google Play Services “Keep Awake” and “Wake Up” and now using Adam’s Mobile Radio PWN(for more on that click on “More Goodies” above).

I have never had spectacular battery life when it comes to the OnePlus One. The most I have ever hit in terms with SoT was with a CM12 Nightly and Franco Kernel, achieving 6 hours of SoT. Ever since then no other ROM has helped me reach that high, relatively speaking of course, of SoT. I have gotten close but never hit again, until now. Yes, I was able to hit 6 hours of SoT again after a long while, well technically speaking. The truth is I had hit 6 hours of SoT before this review, however, it was on PAC ROM! Both times that I have hit 6 hours of SoT since that nightly have been with PAC. By far, from the ROMs I have personally tested, PAC, has given me the best battery life, even better than the CM12.1 nightlies. With the lowest SoT being 4.5 hours and the highest being 6 hour. That makes an average of 5 hours of SoT. In terms of battery, PAC has been the ROM to give me the most battery life.

Day 1 SoT
Day 1
Day 2 SoT
Day 2
Day 3 SoT
Day 3
Day 4 SoT
Day 4
Day 5 SoT
Day 5


It’s to no surprise that PAC is feature and customization filled. It is an All-In-One ROM up there with CarbonROM, AICP, Blisspop and Ressurection Remix. However, compared to those previously mentioned ROMs, PAC has the least customizability and features, but relatively speaking like I mentioned. There is still more than enough extra features layered on top along with plenty of customization. So much that I won’t be able to cover it all but will fo over some of the features. Most if not all of the features can be found under “PAC Settings”, under Personalization, and then are further separated into pages labeled, “Navigation, Notification Drawer, Status Bar, System and Miscellaneous.” Here are some of those features and a brief description.

Gesture Anywhere:
Gesture anywhere allows you to set up custom gestures where you slide from the either side of the screen and you can set custom gestures or drawings that will either perform a specific action or open a specific app among other utilities. I used a few times and found it to be convenient and helpful

Gesture Anywhere Screen

Slim Recents:
Slim Recents are from the Slim ROM family and are a replacement to the standard multitasking windows. Instead of the typical “card” view from Lollipop, the Slim Recents shows a more simple and less intrusive multitasking windows reminiscent of the KitKat one. While useful and possibly more efficient, I prefer the default Lollipop multitasking window.

Recents Settings
Slim Recents

OmniSwitch is an alternative to the usual way of using the on-screen navigation bar and multitasking. I personally find it very odd and perhaps even out of date but it is there if it is preferred.

OmniSwitch Intro

Animation Controls:
Animation Controls, as previously mentioned, allows one to change the specific transition animations of different items and their speed. Besides lowering the default transition animation time, I did not play around with the different options.

Animation Controls

The Appbar is very similar to the circle Appbar found in many other ROMs. Although, similar to Slim Recents, it is less intrusive and simpler. Unfortunately, for this build, no matter what I tried, every time I tried to add apps to the Appbar would cause a SystemUI crash and restart. However, I have used it in previous builds of PAC and have found it to be efficient for changing and opening apps quicker. Hopefully this has been fixed in more recent builds.

Everytime I tried to adjust the Appbar, SystemUI crash

Hand Wave Gesture(from ColorOS):
This is an interesting part of the ROM that I have yet to see in other ROMs besides PAC. I asked my fellow AndroidScouters if that gesture, which is under the normal “Gestures” menu, was from another ROM. They confirmed it is from ColorOS. It basically allows you to wave your hand in front of your OPO and it will activate ambient display.

Hand Wave Gesture

Additional features include: Built-in Kernel Auditor, Wake lock Blocker, Network Indicator and more.


PAC ROM is one of the lesser known ROMs. It is not as widely known as other ROMs like Exodus or RessurectionRemix. However, it should not be overlooked. It is by far the overall best ROM I have tried and tested. It is very stable, has plenty of features and customization. Additionally, the battery life of the ROM has been the best I have gotten in a long while and it is daily driver material. I only encountered one problem when dealing with the Appbar and the slightly slower transition animations(that can be changed). PAC is my new favorite ROM putting it just below CM12.1 nightlies when I think of an overall great experience. There’s a lot that PAC does right and that makes it very appealing. As previously mentioned I have tried PAC multiple times before, during my flashaholic addiction and every time I use it, it gets better and better, I can and will easily recommend PAC.

As always thanks for reading and every piece of feedback is appreciated. I am always looking to improve my writing style and content personally and the content on AndroidScout in general. I have made it my personal mission to make every review better than the last. Thanks for reading and happy flashing.


PAC is an overall great ROM. It provides plenty of features and customization with excellent battery life and great stability. It is easily one of the best ROMs I have tested and used.

If you want to try PAC for your own here are some links:

XDA Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/development/rom-pac-4-4-4-beta-1-0-t2811990

ROM Download Site: https://basketbuild.com/devs/pacman/bacon

IMPORTANT NOTE: As stated in their Google+, PAC is currently experiencing issues with their nightly auto build and upload feature. They are working on this. The last build that has been fully uploaded is the one from July 19th. Before you download any new builds, verify that the file size is somewhere close to 250MB or compare it to other builds.



  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    A great read again Sir but I doubt I´ll flashing it in the near future.Maybe later on after I´ve dealt with others.

    What´s really odd is even after reading the review the name,PAC-Rom just doesn´t feel inviting for some reason.Probably just me but there you go.

  2. Shubh21

    I’ll be switching to a new ROM after Exodus incorporated the anti-piracy commits in their nightlies & the sometimes arrogant replies of some of the devs..
    After reading some referrals over on OnePlus forum, i had thought of going with Sultanxda’s ROM, but after reading your review, I am torn between the two..
    Any chance your team will be reviewing Sultanxda’s ROM in the near future?? Would greatly help me in making a decision.. :)
    Keep up the good work.. Cheers :)

    1. Swirly Swirly


      Thanks for reading it means a lot to us. I have actually tried Sultanxda’s ROM for three days. It wasn’t enough for me to write a full review but I did use it enough to give some of my thoughts. Firstly, it is an unofficial build of CM12.1, which is not a bad thing, it only means that the ROM is very similar if not identical to the nighties. On terms of features or customizability, nothing major is added on top of CM12.1. Where the changes come in Sultanxda’s ROM, are under the hood. There’s suppsoed to be tweaks to the kernel among different optimizations, to improve battery life among other things. I found during my three day usage that while the ROM is smooth and no random bugs or crashes, that my battery life did not benefit from the tweaks and optimizations the ROM provides. My battery life was on the same level as most ROMs, perhaps just ever so slightly improved. With no major additions besides internal tweaks and optimizations, the ROM is almost identical to the CM12.1 nightlies.

      There are my quick thoughts on Sultanxda’s ROM for the three days I used it. I’ll suggest the ROM to the team or even I may wrote a review of it soon. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for reading

      1. Shubh21

        Thank you for the quick reply.
        I’ll give PAC ROM a go based on this review, in a week’s time.
        If you do come out with Sultanxda ROM’s review, I’d decide between the two based on that review..
        Thanks a lot for your time :)
        Cheers :)

  3. Shantanu

    Thanks for this awesome review. Used pacman in kitkat. Will try definitely.

  4. Sunny

    Nice review Brandon. I was about to PM you to ask what ROM to move to, from Euphoria. Euphoria has been good, but i am looking for more customization options, and PAC looks promising on those grounds. This review of PAC has been very helpful in deciding my next daily driver. Thanks for the review.

  5. Sunny

    And a suggestion maybe. How about leaving a link to the official xda thread at the end of the review. I often visit this place for reviews but am left with just the name of the ROM to search on XDA. However, if a link could be provided, it would further benefit the reader is accessing the required files to flash the ROM or read more about the ROM.

    1. Swirly Swirly

      Hi Sunny,

      Thanks for reading my review and visiting our site. Since you reached out to me in PM, I have already given you the link. I do agree that it is more convinient to have it posted to the end of the review so I will add it and edit it in a few moments. Furthermore, The team and I will keep this feedback in mind and defintely put the link to the XDA Thread and any additional information.

      1. Mikey J

        Again I tried and actually loved the ROM ,but right now am testing Broken OS which is similar in terms of battery .The only thing I hate about Broken OS rom is the devs, who are so rude to people who are not so confy with english like latin or spanish. Just a small request again , can you put a detailed review about SultanXD unofficial cyanogenmod 12.1 in your next update please. Thanks in advance.

  6. AntMunny AntMunny

    Just installed the August 4th ROM. I always want to know why CM-based all in one ROMS mess with the CM12.1 settings layout? The layout on the CM12.1 nightlies seem so logical. Did they REALLY need to move all the Status Bar stuff into 3 other places? Did they REALLY need to move the Notifications stuff into 2 other places? and so on and so on.

    Anyway, what you said about the July 19th build seems true about the August 4th build. it’s still 5.1.1_r6 just like the current CM12.1 nightlies. No FCs and *just enough* customizations to differentiate itself from the nightlies.

    The only thing that this ROM needs is a pompous bombastic Dev on Google Plus. LOL.

  7. AntMunny AntMunny

    oh, and I like that in Kernel Adiutor, you can go under 300Mhz for the minimum. :-)

    I think in TipsyOS, you can go all the way down under 60Mhz…

  8. Username

    What theme are you using? I like the dark material in the battery screen.

    1. Swirly Swirly

      PitchBlack (G-Cyan). It’s in the play store and if I remember correctly it does cost money.


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