[Week 6] – Maleton3’s Guest Review

[ROM][5.1.1][CM 12.1] Quantum LP (May 24 Build)

About Quantum

Do you remember when you were back in High School? There was always that, weird, unsocial, and underappreciated kid. But then, when you actually took him to a party..he got blind drunk and ended up 12 miles away from the nearest McDonalds? Well! If ROMS were teenagers, with the soul crushing cruelty that teenagers have, this would be that kid.

I bet none of you have even glanced across or even heard of Quantum, and that is a shame! It fixes almost everything that CM 12.1 had wrong and adds everything that CM should have had in the first place. Quantum is a CM 12.1 Based ROM; It is currently developed by Shawn5162 on XDA. In short, Quantum should not be overlooked as a CM copy; it almost enters an entire new world of CM! Let us continue with the Review!

Features and UI

Well, there was not any failure on this ROM. There was only success. Quantum did not add anything that was not fleshed out 100% there was no “50/50 chance, this might work.” The features added were all added neatly, and quite frankly done to the best of anyone’s ability. Every feature is nicely packaged in an added “Interface” section of the settings.

For the first feature, I would like to discuss Gesture Anywhere. Gesture anywhere is a useful feature if you are exactly like me and get upset if my Icon theme does not cover all my Apps. It is very conveniently located by tapping either the left or right side of the screen. This opens a slightly darker tinted window that you Gesture on. This can perform many functions such as opening apps or performing specific tasks. I recommend this feature to practically any user as it works well. You input your gestures for what you want to be done and you are all set to go! It may not seem life changing, but I have a feeling I will miss it on my next ROM.

Onto our second feature, AppBars! Yes ladies and gents, I know what you are thinking. That is lame. Well, I am here to prove you wrong! AppBars are quite useful for me and I suspect it will be for you in your everyday life. Let’s say I am casually browsing Instagram, casually looking at how many likes my last selfie got! But..while we are at it, I just received a text. Most of you could not multitask, but with AppBars you can! I can go from my selfie, and one tap open my message and reply! Every feature on Android is about convenience, and this tops the charts in terms of convenience. Your most important apps are available when you need them.

Before we jump to our next section, let’s talk about UI.

“If Everything Seems Under Control, You Aren’t Going Fast Enough”

Despite the above quote, I feel like Quantum did an amazing job with the UI! It is quite fast and maintains control. It is a controlled speed though, not so fast that you can’t see if you just scrolled past Twitter or Facebook in your app drawer but enough that you get the feeling of snappiness with an added sense of control to it. UI was very well handled and made using Quantum quite an enjoyable experience.

Thermals and Battery

Wow..just Wow, for a CM based ROM, this performed at a very nice, Cool temperature. The ROM did not add any strain to the CPU increasing temperatures. I had to practically abuse the phone to get temperatures above 70°C. This included (Charging the Phone, while watching Netflix, and while loading 4 games in the background. With 15 chrome tabs and a YouTube video buffering. In 1080p). The CPU generally maintained a constant 40°C in low to moderate usage (Capping at around 53°C in moderate usage). If anyone is interested, moderate usage consisted of Bluetooth (Connected to my LG Watch) Wi-Fi/LTE, some heavy texting and messaging and playing a game with YouTube in the background. You can see the temperatures for moderate usage below.

Heavy usage got temperatures to around 59°C -71°C. This still performed quite well for the amount of processing having to be handled by the ROM and CPU. Heavy Usage consisted of: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE, Netflix, YouTube, Texting, Telegram, Various Games, and some light calculations.

Battery…was really quite good for a CM based ROM!

The battery usage took up a quite little in 1 cycle, the most I saw was 5% usage of the battery, but it may have fluctuated higher or lower during usage and processes required. I do believe this is not bad given that it is a CM based ROM so I do not believe anyone should expect anything like the 2-3% usage that I have seen on previous AOSP ROM’s. I averaged about 4.5 hours of SOT depending on usage and this is about on average with most CM based ROM’s.

Overall Thoughts

Quantum deserves so much more than to be just another name in a sea of ROM’s it is a new, stable take on CM, and it deserves more attention than it has gotten. Quantum deserves to be seen, and maybe this review will help it. My overall thoughts are, Quantum is an incredible ROM, I experienced very few, if any, bugs and I enjoyed using every feature it brought to the table. It added everything that needed to be added and dismissed anything that was not needed. Everything worked tremendously well and I applaud the developer for making a ROM that works like it is supposed to and provides the perfect amount of features and work like it should. Quantum works well, provides great UI, features, and thermals. Additionally, the battery is Great for a CM ROM and I enjoyed using Quantum very much!


Quantum is a great ROM, it works well, brings all the best and needed features to the table and provides everything you want without flashing it around like the last piece of gum you have. I very much enjoyed using it and I truly hope this review inspires you to use it too! As always,

Stay Classy – Ron Burgundy

XDA Quantum LP Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/development/rom-quantum-os-t3116621

Written by: Garrett Tucker AKA @Maleton3



    1. Maleton3 Maleton3

      That, I am not sure of. I can assure that it is 5.1.1 and as such is the latest stable android version. Development wise, I am not sure..May I would not consider dead, but I would suggest that if you want nightlies or constant updates, this may not be quite what you are looking for.

      1. AntMunny AntMunny

        Oh man.

        This is a great review, but after using CM12.1 nightlies for so long, I’ve realized that I want ROMS on the bleeding edge, even if they completely wipe out your APN settings because the dev misplaces a punctuation mark like in the June 25 (?) CM12.1 nightlies.

        As good as this ROM may be, I’m not going to flash a ROM that’s already considered outdated that *may* be dead. I know that’s a reason why a lot of people don’t use CyanideL anymore.

        Thanks, for a REALLY great review, though

  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    Down but obviously not out.I´d never heard of this one and from what I gather in your review myself and others will have to give it a go. A very classy review again Sir,Ron will be proud.


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