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Resurrection Remix –
limitless oportunities wait for you


Developer Site: www.resurrectionremix.com
Download Rom: forum.resurrectionremix.com
GApps Download: www.androidfilehost.com

Introducing the ROM

I’m testing the actual latest Android 5.1.1 version  there is for my phone, which is an Oneplus One, the release was built on the 2015.06.02:
Resurrection Remix LP v5.4.6 optimized 20150602 bacon

Resurrection Remix is a CyanogenMod based ROM, created by two excellent Android developers:

Altan (westcrip)
Founder, Developer and Maintainer)

Shubhang (xenon92)
Website Designer, Developer and Maintainer)

The project was started by Altan in 2012 with android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich. After it became a very popular Samsung Galaxy S2 ROM on XDA-developers website, development continued till android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Then, after a break, Altan came back to Resurrection Remix development with android 4.4.x Kitkat. In that phase, Shubhang joined the project and brought in new ideas. The rom got a face-lift and they set up the website www.resurrectionremix.com.
Together they started making Resurrection Remix to one of the best custom android ROMs available.

In the original words of the developers:

We work to make your android experience elegant.”

Handpicked features beautifully packed into one ROM.

And that’s the truth, indeed.

Short Conclusion

For all lazy readers, like myself, I will first try to make a long story short:
If you’re looking for a stable, reliable, highly customizable rom with a good battery life you can use as a daily driver:
Search no longer – welcome home!

During testing this ROM became my absolute favorite ROM and as I’m on MultiROM, I can keep on testing but still keep his brilliant piece of work as my primary ROM.
It’s pretty excellent for everyone who loves a lot of customization features and having the option to make your phone really yours by tweaking all big and little things exactly the way you want it.
So if you’re this kind of ROM user and trust me, you can stop reading and start flashing and you’ll just be amazed earlier.
For lovers of the stock Android experience with no tweaks and customizations needed: You should look for another ROM.
For anyone else who wants to know why and how, just continue reading.

UI Feel and Smoothness

Lets start with the UI look and feel and its performance.
Antutu benchmark on Oneplus One device gives us: 44598
The UI has a excellent look and feel, as you can set the appearence any way you like.
Purists leave it stock Android and lovers of personal customization set it to every little animation and appearing system feature.
Anyway, whatever your favorite setup is, the UI runs extremly smooth and without any lagging I have seen on other ROMs.

Everything runs very fast, apps open in no time and all system stuff is highly responsive and extremly fast to operate.

I use it for over a month now and never had just a single freeze or random reboot, so it is definitly well tested and stable.

The few problems appearing were always caused by other applications, like the Google Play Service, which is unfortunately not tested half as good as this ROM and needed to be tweaked not to drain the battery or get annoying by crashing and messing up the excellent performance of this ROM. To get a pure feeling I had a „ROM only“ install on my MultiROM, where I was able to test just the ROM standalone and this was amazing fast and stable. Plus I had a rom for daily use installed, with everything like all my apps, Spotify for music, my favorite Launcher (which is Go Launcher Z) and all other stuff you need for your daily routine.


Battery Life

The battery life started well but even got better after some days of usage.
I tested this on 2 different scenarios:

1. Pure stock testing
2. Daily life usage with helpers

1. Pure stock testing
Without any apps disturbing the well optimized battery management here’s what you can expect in average:
– 7 hours SOT (Screen on time) on wifi
– 1 hour phonecalls
– 1 hour connected to car bluetooth
– 2 hour mobile data on
– 16 hours standby (wifi on)

2. Daily life usage with helpers
With all my apps installed I used my 3 little helpers to taim not so well programmed apps from causing unwanted wakelocks and causing unnessecary battery drain. The 3 little helpers I used are: Privacy Guard (to taim the Google Play Services), Greenify and Amplify (both in combination with Xposed framework to be maximum effective).
Here’s what you can expect with that kind of usage:
– 6 hours SOT (Screen on time) on wifi
– 1 hour phonecalls
– 1 hour connected to car Bluetooth using Spotify
– 3 hour mobile data on
– 14 hours standby (wifi on)


Features and Customizability

This is the point where feature enthusiasts will shout out „hooray“ and stock fanatics will scream „oh no“. It’s so much based on what kind of user you are if it makes you happy to have lot’s of customization possibilities or if it’s just overwhelming you.
The ROM contains a clean, well ordered UI with lots of features, it will even take you some hours to explore everything and play with all the little tweaks. But the result of you playing with all the tweaks will lead into an extremely personalized ROM cause there are nearly no limits in setting colors, backgrounds and display options.
It comes stock with a white and a black theme, so you can already start with your preferred basic color layout.

Find here a short combined feature list. Basically everything of the following features are 100% customizable:

Navigation Bar

Theme Chooser
App Circle Bar
Recents Panel
Cclock Widget
Quick Slider Shortcuts
Notification Drawer
Perfomance Profiles


Final Conclusion

This ROM became my favorite during the testing phase and is my daily driver now. I tested quite a bunch of ROMs so this is not being amazed by the first ROM 😉
I can just recommend it overall, if you look for a excellent, fast, reliable and stable ROM with a good battery life, search no longer and flash it now!

Get it here:
Developer Site: www.resurrectionremix.com
Download Rom: forum.resurrectionremix.com
GApps Download: www.androidfilehost.com

(Written by Niels Andersen)





  1. MohanD MohanD

    Simple, clean, to the point, easy language to understand it cant be better than this…!!! Nice Niel.

  2. Kevin Connolly aka theshinybeast Kevin Connolly aka theshinybeast

    This is what it is .If you like it ,use it, if you don´t ,don´t .Great stuff Niels ,Love it .

  3. Venkata Gurram

    Hi i had tried out this ROM and one issue i found out was the Hardware HOME & Menu buttons were not working for me. I had even checked the settings option and the option is enabled and navigation bar menu keys are disabled. Please tell me if am i doing anything wrong.

  4. Niels_Andersen

    Hi Venkata,
    I had that one time after installation, too. The simple solution was a reboot. I just rebooted the device, after that the hardware buttons, navigation bar and all other layout settings worked like a charm.
    Best Regards, Niels

    1. Venkata Gurram

      Thanks My friend.I will try that.

  5. deepu458

    Does this rom support teh multiROm and can i install this rom as secondary with primary being COS12?

    1. Niels_Andersen

      Oh yes, you definitly can use it as secondary or as primary rom, I tested both on MultiROM. You probably know that you should flash AK kernel not to run into startup problems?

      1. deepu458

        Hi Niel,
        How r u? Hope u r still with this ROM?
        If so i have few quick questions in regards to the ROM were you able to set any custom pic as your User Account picture under System Settings->Users? because when i try setting my existing photo it wont save the picture i selected and remains tnone image. If i take a shot with Camera and that is sticking well. can you please help me if u know any solution for this issue?
        One more issue is with Clock app unable to set my music track as alarm tone, it (i Mean app) FC immediately. please help me if you can sorry to bother u.


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