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Sonic Open Kang Project or SOKP , as we’ll call it for the rest of this review is another custom ROM based on AOSP.

It was discontinued for the OnePlus One [Bacon] but it was recently continued by developer Adi Shakthi.

This review is based on their first build back on Bacon.

ROM information:

Status:  Stable

Current Stable Version : SOKP-L-5.1.1-LMY48B-

Release Date : 2015-06-13


The first thing that anyone looks for before flashing a custom ROM is what the ROM has to offer.

SOKP offers plenty of customisations to make your phone truly yours.

It is one of the most customisable ROMs out there but it’s not the best out there.

SOKP allows you to customise the following things :-

  • Animations
    • IME Animations
    • Over-Scrolling Effects
    • AOKP Animations
    • Scrolling Cache
    • Scrolling Modifiers
  • Quick Settings
  • Status Bar
  • Navigation Bar
  • Hardware Buttons
  • Power Menu
  • PIE Control
  • Display
  • Live Display
  • Sound & Notification
  • Gesture Anywhere
  • App Circle Bar
  • Recent Apps Panel
  • Wakelock Blocker
  • Screen Recorder





When anybody flashes a custom ROM, HE/SHE is excited to see how it feels and all of it begins after pressing that reboot system in your custom recovery. As SOKP boots you can’t help but be amazed by looking at the bootanimation. One of the best bootanimations I’ve ever seen.

I had SOKP as my daily driver for the past 7 days and it didn’t lag once, No random reboots, No app crashes though facebook hung a more than a couple of times but I think it’s the app’s problem rather than the ROM.

While using it you can’t help but notice how smooth and fluid the whole UI feels.

Apps open up fast , Games don’t lag at all!

The sound quality on this ROM is absolutely top notch. It uses Dolby Digital and Digital Plus as standalone Sound Controllers and it can hold its own against V4A if not beat it.

It uses Layers RRo 2.1 with Orion which honestly is just better than the CM theme engine but it takes a bit getting used to if you are new to it.

For the most part everything on the ROM was stable but was it without any bugs? Read on to find out!



SOKP allows you to customise it the way you may want it to but it doesn’t allow us any control over changing how it performs. What you see is what you get!

It doesn’t allow us the basic thing of customising our performance per app based like we get in stock COS 12 or even change the CPU governors.

Ofcourse we can always flash a custom kernel but this review is about how the ROM performs just as the dev wanted it to.

Also, of all the customisations on offer not all of them work.

  • We can’t disable hardware buttons even when there is an option to do it, it just doesn’t work. So, if you like to use On-Screen Navigation Bar, You’ll still be able to use the Hardware buttons!!! (A BUG?? IT CAN BE MEANT TO BE A NICE FEATURE BY THE DEV!! :p)
  • If you like to customise your navigation bar width, you can’t because it’s there but it’s not working.
  • Live Display allows you to adjust the color temperature manually for Day & Night. It’s not working ! (More on this later)
  • There is no screen recorder app in the app drawer. You’ll only be able to record your screen if you enable the screen record option in the power menu.
  • There is absolutely no way you can use the LED as your torch! No option in quick settings or anywhere else. (More on this later.)
  • The New synaptics touchscreen drivers are not included. So if you have a problem with your touchscreen? Stay away from SOKP for now.
  • The Condensed font used in the ROM everywhere is Fugly. I have no idea why would anyone want such an unpleasant font! Though you do get used to it with every passing day.



The previous bugs mentioned might not be deal breakers for some but since this is a STABLE build, so it’s just not acceptable.

So in this stable release of SOKP for bacon, the camera doesn’t work at all!!

And hence, the LED flashlight (Torch) doesn’t work!

The proximity sensor isn’t working too. The UI is either always in portrait or landscape if you watch videos in MX player and you have manually rotated to watch the video in landscape. You have to go to the homescreen to get it back in portrait which is annoying!

Since, the proximity sensor doesn’t work the device can’t figure out if its Day or Night and hence the Live Display isn’t functional. It’s sad because it could’ve been a really cool feature!

Also when you pick-up a call the screen stays on till you lock the screen which again turns on if the display feels like you’re doing the face version of double tap to wake!!



The battery life on SOKP initially feels like it will be the best you’ve ever managed to get but slowly it starts to feel that it’s nothing special!

It has great standby time but not so good Screen On time.

Before telling you all this and you forming your opinions, let me tell you my usage!

I play a lot of games (Asphalt 8, UFC, Modern Combat, Brothers in Arms, etc) for a lot of time (maybe a little more than an hour of gaming every day).

WiFi On almost all the time except when I’m sleeping or Travelling, then I listen to Music.

A few social networking apps.  (Twitter, whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Yahoo, Vine, B/R team Stream, YouTube, you get the gist).

Also another quirky little bug I found is that the battery stats don’t show my gaming stats at all.

I can deduce this to the dev trying to hide the miscellaneous battery drain but it’s still very strange.

With Greenify (No xposed) and the built in Wakelock Detector along with privacy guard.  I managed to get,

23 hours off charge.

Almost 5 hours of SOT.

With the above mentioned usage.





It’s a really Fast, Fluid & Smooth ROM with a few deal breaker bugs that makes it hard to believe that it’s the Stable Version of SOKP for bacon.

Recently, I did talk to the dev about this and he has promised that the bugs will be fixed in the next update but you never know new fixes might bring new bugs.

SOKP has average battery life nothing to love about here.

But, this ROM for me is all about performance (and sound quality) and perform it does!!

So should you try it? Right Now? The simple answer would be a resounding NO!!!

Maybe in a few weeks’ time when the ROM will actually be able to live upto the promise that it provides now!

For now, Sonic Open Kang Project is just like Miley Cyrus, You know she’s beautiful but you’ll have to wait and see if she comes around and really becomes one or is always going to be quirky!

Rating : 6/10

XDA Page: http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one/development/bacon-t3134398 









  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    Nice review Kshitiz,sadly you seem to have gotten the short straw with this one.It sounds as if most of the features should come with a Oneplus / Androidscout ; ) SOON™ on them.We´ll just have to wait and see if anything becomes of this “Quirky Miley”.

    1. Kshitiz

      Haha yes kevin! But i chose to review this ROM because it was basically an unknown ROM for most of the community, time to give something back to them now? 😉


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