[Week 2.5] – Jay Makadia’s Review


Jay Makadia’s Temasek Review

(Jay Makadia Jun.17,2015)

First impression

A very good ROM with great battery life! It has very cool boot animation which I absolutely loved it. Very smooth and zero lags. It didn’t appear anything extra ordinary at first look. However, the performance was really good and the interface was very responsive.

I was running on 0606 build. I ran Temasek for 10 days and it never gave me any big trouble. Although, couple times I found my phone to soft reboot by itself, that was really weird because it happened just 2 times in 10 days. Also, one day I had trouble waking up my device, few times in a single day. The screen won’t turn on neither by pushing power button nor double tapping the screen. Ehh, that pissed me off a little but it never happened again. Nevertheless, other than above mentioned bugs I didn’t find any issues.


Temasek has fair amount of customization options under Settings/Temasek spare parts (I liked how they described it as spare parts). Under spare parts you have following options to play with:

  1. App circle bar
  2. Appbar
  3. Clock Widget (I don’t know why they would put it here, but it’s there)
  4. Gesture Anywhere
  5. Heads up notifications
  6. Lockscreen
  7. Recents panel
  8. Screen and animations

They tried to modify and put Slim recents app panel as an option as your recent panel, but I wasn’t very fond of it because it doesn’t have ‘clear all’ button to close all the recent apps at once (check out the screenshot below). Maybe if they put clear all button in Slim recents app panel, it would be more functional. The other thing that didn’t work for me on 0606 build is under Buttons/Nav bar dimensions it didn’t change the navigation bar width even after changing its value, however it changed its height on changing the value. I hope they have already fixed in their latest build.


Battery Life

I got around 6 hours of SOT every day, which is the best for my device by far on Temasek ROM. Mind you this is without any battery saving apps or any usage of Greenify.


Temasek is very good ROM overall with an average amount of customization options. Performance is flawless and battery life is great! If you don’t like things getting too complicated in a ROM and still gives you a fair amount of customization options, Temasek ROM is for you.

(Written by Jay Makadia)

Jay Makadia



Download and Info Links:

Temasek XDA Link »



  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    Nice review Jay ,I’m not a fan of Slim recents either in fact it caused the only problems I’ve had with BrokenOS,the app would crash a lot when I used it ,so I disabled it asap.

    1. Jay Makadia Jay Makadia

      Yeah…if they insert clear all button in Slim recents then I might enjoy having it.

  2. AntMunny AntMunny

    It took me a while to figure out why I still had Slim Recents even though it was off in settings…then I figured out that you had to turn it on then off to bring back the normal recents. Wish katinatez would fix that, but otherwise I love this ROM.

    not too flashy (except for that awesome boot animation), doesn’t need SuperSu (I guess they call that pre-rooted), it’s updated frequently (katinatez or Temasek comes out with a fix the next day if there’s some bug like non-stop GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES FC) and as you said…nice battery life.

    Great review, bruh

    1. Jay Makadia Jay Makadia

      Couldn’t agree more! And thanks pal!


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