[Week 5] Jay Makadia’s Review

[ROM][5.1.1] Tesla ROM High Voltage Review

(Jay Makadia, July 05,2015)

First Impression

I will be honest that when I flashed Tesla I was very excited to test it out. So, let’s jump right into it. The boot animation was okay and somewhat it looked like I was playing some old school Nintendo game. Performance wise I didn’t see any lag and it felt smooth. Nothing new in the interface, looked same as any other CM based ROM, except the notification drawer, and recent apps tabs (recent app panel) has round edges.


I didn’t see anything new regarding customization. You will find all the goodies under Settings/Tesla Coil. Following are the options you will find under Tesla Coil:

  1. Quick Settings
  2. Status Bar
  3. Navigation
  4. Animation controls
  5. Recent apps panel
  6. App circle sidebar
  7. Screen recorder settings
  8. Lockscreen weather

The one thing I liked was you can assign a specific task by long pressing any of the buttons in the navigation bar. I think this comes very handy and personally I assigned the Back Button to take screenshot by long pressing it. Other than that I didn’t find anything new that you can play around with. Here are some screenshots from the ROM:



After being on Tesla for couple of days, I started noticing some performance issue. The interface started to lag a bit and the response time was getting slow. I tried playing Temple Run 2 and I had some serious lagging experience while playing the game. This was weird because I didn’t encounter any performance issue the first 2 days. Oh well, I guess Tesla just couldn’t sustain much, even though I use my device as a normal daily use of messaging, calling, emails, little bit of gaming and music.


Battery life totally sucked for me on Tesla. I used to get 2 to 2.5 hours of SOT! That is just horrible, annoying, and unacceptable. Mind you this was under auto hibernation on Greenify and modified privacy guard for the apps. I wonder without all of that how dreadful battery life would be. This was the first time when I had to charge my OPO twice in one day. That made me sad, to be honest.


After all those performance issues and terrible battery life, I guess Tesla needs a huge amount of improvement. I would not recommend this ROM at this moment, needs a lot of work to do by Tesla.

(Written by Jay Makadia)

Jay Makadia



Download Link:

Tesla ROM High Voltage



  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    Another one to avoid by the looks of it.Thanks for putting up with this sad ROM for so long Jay,yet again android scout proves it’s worth so we can either try out or avoid certain ROMs.Good work man.

    1. Jay Makadia Jay Makadia

      Thanks pal! Android Scout is here for you all! 😀

  2. AntMunny AntMunny

    From what I understand, Tesla isn’t based on CM, but based on SlimRoms. Is SlimRoms based on CM?

    I’m usually a fan of Team Validus/Martinusbe’s ROMs (Telsa, Tipsy, Orion).

    Tried it, didn’t see the performance lag that you saw. Then again I had this ROM for less than 24 hours.

    Were you able to identify the source of the battery drain?

    1. Jay Makadia Jay Makadia

      Unfortunately no, I couldnt found out what caused such battery drain. There was no mobile radio active bug or anything like that. I guess overall ROM itself has poor battery life.

      And yes, I didn’t encounter with any performance issue the first 2 days but I started to see lags here and there from day 3.


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