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[ROM][CM12.1][5.1.1] TugaPower by danieldmm (v44.0)



TugaPower is another one of those ROMs that seems obscure and lost in the grand sea of constant ROMs. Even before writing this review, I have to admit that I knew very little about this ROM and this is my first time seeing it. I had heard it mentioned a couple of times but after that, It seemed to fade into the plethora of ROMs. The lack of popularity is even demonstrated in the ROMs XDA page. You are not presented with any information regarding the ROM. You are instead presented with a changelog, a link to the developers’ Google+ page and the essential download links. The reason for this can be attributed to the ROM’s goal, being unofficial CyanogenMod 12.1 builds.


As mentioned TugaPower aims to be unofficial builds and because of that we don’t see many extra additions. There are a few differences that separate this ROM from the official CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightlies. Included in the ROM is SuperSU, replacing CyanogenMod’s stock root binaries, MaxxAudio and the XPosed framework. Additionally the ROM comes with two TugaPower exclusive features. “TugaPower OTA” Replaces the CyanogenMod OTA function that allows the ROM to tell you when there’s a new version of the ROM available. Furthermore, it includes links to Viper4Android, Kernels, boot animations, and other miscellaneous links that are helpful. The other exclusive feature in TugaPower, is a custom kernel.


UI Feel and Smoothness:


As mentioned, TugaPower is an Unofficial CyanogenMod build with a few extras. Therefore, performance and smoothness is day to day usage was the same as that of the stock nightlies. I experienced I smooth performance, but one random app crash, no system crashes and no random reboots. Everything worked as intended, I didn’t have to do any major troubleshooting. When I first flashed the ROM I experienced a random system settings crash when I attempted to access the TugaPower OTA menu. After that one time I did not experience another app crash. I only experienced a couple of bluetooth issues when attempting to first pair my Moto 360 with the new OPO and the freshly flashed ROM. After a couple of disconnects and connects I was able to pair it and never experienced any further issues regarding the connection.


One other thing worth mentioning that I noticed in TugaPower was the performance dropping significantly when the OPO turned on Battery Saver Mode. The performance was not that of the regular power save mode. Running any app or doing any simple task seemed to take an unusual long time. Performance was unusually sluggish during this time. For example, Hangouts took a while to open a conversation and took a long while to load new messages, causing a visible stutter in the messages. I have never experienced this issue in Power Save Mode in the official Nightlies. I’m unsure if the Dev has changed the performace at that level for the ROM but at that stage it made the OPO almost unusable and unbearable.


Other than that, I experienced no problems. The ROM ran smoothly without stutters or crashes. Everything worked as intended and the built in OTA app notified me of the updates to the ROM. The ROM was perfectly stable and is daily driver material. Much like the official nightlies, not much extra is offered but stability is guaranteed.


Battery Life:


My usage of the OPO during testing can be categorized as heavy. It is almost always connected to WiFi and sometimes Mobile Data, usually LTE. Furthermore, it includes always on bluetooth connection to my Moto 360 and used for Heavy Web Browsing, Music listening, and Messaging. The only battery power saving app that I used was Greenify. Almost everyday, my phone will not make it through a whole day.  I was expecting TugaPower to offer battery life that surpassed that of the Nightlies as it had a custom kernel. Unfortunately, I was disappointed as it seemed that it offered less Screen On Time than the nightlies. I averaged around 4 hours of On Screen Time, with some days reaching a maximum of 4.5 hours of SoT and other as low as 3.5 hours of SoT. However, I could not get past 4.5 hours of SoT, while in the nightlies I was able to get past 5 hours of SoT.


The battery on TugaPower was a slight disappointment. With a custom kernel I would have expected tweaks that would have made the ROM more power efficient. However, I was met with less battery life and SoT than the official nightlies. Thus, battery life is one of the ROM’s weak points.


Overall Impressions:


I didn’t know much about TugaPower when I had chosen to review it. I was intrigued at the fact that I knew little about. I’m a big fan of the Official Nightlies, no matter how many ROM’s I try, I always seem to go back to those. Therefore, I was excited to try a ROM that was very close to the nightlies, in hope that it would offer better battery life and customization. However, I was left wanting more. The ROM lacked extra features or functionality besides some small additions. While it is definitely convenient for it to include SuperSU, MaxxAudio and Xposed pre installed, it isn’t a game changer. I could easily have flashed those things myself.


Even the few extras that TugaPower had I rarely used. While the OTA functions and links were there, I did not but look at the menu only a couple of times. I did, however, receive notifications of the different updates that the Dev pushed. And while XPosed was included, I saw no use for it as I am not a heavy XPosed user. While these small extra features are nice they are not going to be used by all users.


While the ROM does not offer a wide range of new features or functions, it does offer the function of being another version of the CyanogenMod Nightlies. Therefore, it accomplishes its goal of being unofficial builds and offer just a little more. I did experience an overall smooth and reliable ROM but felt there was not enough differentiation between TugaPower the the Nightlies.




TugaPower is an interesting ROM. Its goals are to be an alternative build of CyanogenMod while adding a few extras. Nothing spectacular or game changing is added. If you want to try a ROM that is very similar to the Official Nightlies, than this is the ROM for you. If you are looking for a ROM with extra features, extra customizability, great battery life, or great performance, then this is not the ROM for you. TugaPower has, mediocre battery life, great stability, average performance and average features but leaves a lot to be desired.


Overall I would give TugaPower


Want to try TugaPower for yourself?

Click Here:

TugaPower ROM Link


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  1. YeOldeGoat

    I didn’t know you were literate, swirls :)

      1. Epic Swirly Epic Swirly

        Thanks for reading guys. 😀

  2. DRCH

    Awesome review 😉 keep up the great work!

  3. AntMunny AntMunny

    Had the brand new release downloaded and ready to flash…eh, I’ll pass

  4. Kevin Connolly aka theshinybeast Kevin Connolly aka theshinybeast

    Great review my good man ,in fact so good I think I´ll pass on TugaPower for the moment .

  5. redleema

    I tried this ROM but not for long as I just didn’t find it inspiring at the time. Can’t remember why maybe because I’ve tried so many different ROMs since. Like yourself, I may have found it ‘interesting’ but nothing more. 😀

  6. tahir2676

    awesome job bros …keep it up..a big thumbs up!!

  7. Takendown Takendown

    Great review. As others have mentioned, I also had no idea Swirls was literate. Keep it up!


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