Our Review Process

Testing Method

AndroidScout.com employs a bi-weekly testing process for all of our reviewed ROMs. Each of our reviewers will select a ROM of choice which they will flash onto their OnePlus One and use as a daily driver for a period of five to seven days. This allows us to give you a more thorough insight into what it would be like to use a certain ROM for an extended period of time.

Over time, any given ROM will have been tested by several reviewers (including guest reviews from time to time.) Since our reviewers are based in different countries around the world, meaning that ROMs are subjected to testing under a wide range of cellular networks and different types of usage scenarios.

Our Review Style

Rather than focusing on the objective numbers and figures of benchmarks and testing software, we provide detailed reviews of ROMs based on our personal experiences of a particular build of a ROM. Why? Well, it’s simple: we want to give you the picture of what it would be like to actually use a certain ROM as your daily driver.

We focus mainly on four components:

  • UI feel and performance: How smoothly the ROM operates, how well it deals with loading and running apps, etc.
  • Battery life: We expose our ROMs to different loading situations – moderate use (mostly productivity, social media, web browsing, mostly WiFi use, etc.) and heavy use (gaming, video consumption, image editing, heavy camera use, extended use of LTE/HSPA+, etc.) We publish our results in the form of the Android battery graphs including total screen-on time (SoT.)
  • Features and customizability: What kind of features are included in the ROM “out of the box” and whether they help/hinder performance. All ROMs are tested using the stock kernel and included firmware (if any.) This lets us test on the ROM as it was intended for use by its respective developers.

Testing Hardware

Currently all custom ROMs are being tested on OnePlus One A0001 devices. The reasons for this being that all of our reviewers currenly own and use this device as their daily drivers, and there are a wide range of custom and “factory” ROMs available for the “OPO”. Over time, we hope to expand our repertoire to include more devices, more review types and more cool tech stuff!

Review and Publishing Time-frames

We begin testing our ROMs on Sunday with the reviews posted the following week. Be sure to check back every Sunday and Wednesday at around 8:00PM (GMT) for new and updated reviews of your favorite ROMs and updates to AndroidScout.com.

If there’s a particular ROM you would like to see a review on, feel free to leave a comment on this site or drop us a line at contact@androidscout.com. Our team of diligent reviewers would be glad to be of service!


  1. Alex

    could you please also do kernel reviews?

    Is that planned for the future?


    1. Tiago Tiago

      Hello Alex

      Yes, kernel reviews are on our plans for the future.

      Thanks for your feedback



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