Week 6 – New ROM’s reviews

Hello again fellow flashaholics. Welcome back!

Today AndroidScout team brings you freshly new ROM reviews with some sweet flavour with it. Yes, we know that it is not Sunday or Wednesday but Monday is still as a good day as any other right?

We bring to you three reviews:

  • Tiago Marques writes (a lot!) about SlimSaber

  • As the first guest review we have Kshitiz reviewing the “sweet” Candy5

  • Maleton3 comes back with another review, this time a less known Quantum LP

We can’t tell you much for now but we are working on some new content that we know you will love to see (and read!). Keep following us to learn more!


If you want other ROM’s for us to review that we didn’t cover yet use the comment section below to make your suggestions. We are more than happy to hear from you.

As always, Happy Flashing!