Mobile Radio Pwn


[v1.2 beta 1, 2015.07.18]

Developed by: Adam Willis

192px_MRP_ic_launcherMobile Radio Active? The Fix Is In!


I had intended to keep this project under wraps until it was presentable enough to go public with. However, seeing as the cat was let out of the proverbial bag yesterday I suppose you might call this the moment you’ve all been waiting (24 hours) for. The genesis of Mobile Radio Pwn occurred about a month or so ago when, like many of you, my battery was being subjected to an ongoing assault by atrociously high levels of Mobile Radio Activity, Enter: The Mobile Radio Active Bug. I already had a well-rounded arsenal of battery saving implementations and tweaks in place and was doing alright for myself in that regard, but the Mobile Radio Hyperactivity was the last offender standing which, up until this point, I had been unable to control.

Ultimately, I wound up discovering that by force disabling Mobile Data (via Quick Settings Toggle) while connected to a WiFi Network, I was able to reduce the amount of Mobile Radio Activity down to negligible (i.e., normal) levels. This got the gears turning for me, and I embarked on a quest to implement a method by which this handover would occur automatically, so that Mobile Data would be disabled while connected to WiFi and then re-enabled when the connection is lost. First thought: Tasker, right? That should get the job done. It is indeed capable of getting said job done, and does serve as the foundation upon which this app was constructed. But what has two thumbs and doesn’t want to have Tasker installed for the sole purpose of carrying out a single task?

This guy.


Because there seems to have been some confusion since the initial release as to what this app intends to accomplish, I’m going to attempt to make that as abundantly clear as I possibly can, so if you don’t read anything else..


What MRP is designed to do is correct the ‘Mobile Radio Active Bug’ meaning, in this case, a commonly experienced bug in which an app utilizes or ‘hooks’ your Mobile Data to perform an internet related task while not connected to WiFi. This is normal, however, the bug is caused by the app that initiated that ‘hook’ failing to release it when reconnected to a WiFi Network, thus your devices Mobile Radio ‘sticks’ on when it doesn’t need to be causing astronomical Mobile Radio Activity and excess power consumption. When using Mobile Data, you will always generate some Mobile Radio Activity, the problem occurs when Mobile Radio Activity continues to be generated after having established a WiFi connection. That is what this app aims to prevent.

Pasquale Pinto was kind enough to create the following video demonstrating how MRP functions, granted as of this current version it no longer requires the secondary Toggle Data 5.0 app, the concept is still very much the same.

I’ve put as much effort as I could muster into working out the kinks and addressing any conceivable issues that could occur. That effort notwithstanding, this is still very much a beta and should you encounter any unforseen problems you are all more than welcome to report your findings to me on this page, @return.of.octobot on the OnePlus/XDA Forums, or via email (, listed in the order of which is most likely to facilitate a response. I will do everything that I can to work at correcting any potential bugs, provided it’s something within my ability to fix.


  • To get the ball rolling, tap the ‘PWN’ button located on the Main Menu to initiate Data Automation, at which point the exchange will occur automatically until otherwise specified.
  • Likewise, to disable the service, simply tap the corresponding ‘DISABLE’ button and ensure that your Network Settings are adjusted accordingly.
  • **NOTE: Please be aware that Network Automation may prevent the receipt of MMS (Data SMS) on certain carriers while connected to WiFi. I personally use Textra for SMS Messaging, which has an inbuilt ‘T-Mobile WiFi Calling Fix’ setting which provides precisely the solution I need to circumvent this limitation by temporarily re-enabling Mobile Data during receipt of MMS.



UPDATE: Mobile Radio Pwn 1.2 has been uploaded and no longer requires Toggle Data 5.0 to function, download link below! The updated build now runs as a standalone, inclusive ROOT APP (Thanks to indest for pointing me in the right direction as to how I could go about accomplishing this).

Before installing, I would recommend uninstalling both the previous build and Toggle Data 5.0, just to be on the safe side.

Current Version & Changelog



So what can you expect from Mobile Radio Pwn? Well, at the risk of insulting your intelligence, you can expect it to fix the Mobile Radio Active Bug, which in turn should greatly assist in reducing your overall power consumption, or at the very least eliminate the extraneous drain caused by an unchecked Mobile Radio. That’s about the long and short of it. Below are some preview screens of what you can expect from MRP’s User Interface, you’ve got your standard enable and disable buttons, tap the question mark to display detailed in-app instructions, and the rest is fairly self-explanatory. I’m also including some images showcasing the type of Battery Stats I’ve been achieving since testing began, which have been absolutely astounding.

At this point, I feel it’s appropriate to throw in a disclaimer, I am not promising that everyone will experience such astronomical performance by using my app alone, so take those numbers with a grain of salt. As stated, I have several layers of battery economizing implementations, a heavily tweaked kernel, your standard regimen of aggressive Amplify, Greenify, and Power Nap settings.. all that good stuff. Mobile Radio Pwn is the cherry on top that has pushed me over the line between good battery performance, and superb.

With that said, prior to running this app I had been averaging 6-7 hours SOT, with the potential to hit 8 with light usage. Since I’ve been running this app, I can hit 8 all day long and as you can see, even surpass that with moderate use.

So, what I do feel comfortable saying is that this app should extend the numbers that you’re currently getting by at least an hour provided you don’t have some other major offender draining your juice. What I can absolutely promise is that this app will put your Mobile Radio in time out and mitigate its activity down to normal, negligible levels which should in turn provide a boost in battery life for you guys.


Special thanks to rez1_k for his tutelage and graphic design, without whom Mobile Radio Pwn would not have been possible. I’d also like to express my gratitude to indest for his contributions to making the latest iteration of MRP run as an inclusive package. Last, but certainly not least, thanks to Greg Toback, because Greg is beautiful.Realistically, my thanks goes out to all of my fellow Android Scout team members, you guys have been great and I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated all of your support throughout this process.



  1. theshinybeast theshinybeast

    Very nice indeed Adam.I´ve installed and set up everything and will let you know how things go ove the next couple of days.Great job and congrats on your first ,and hopefully not last, foray into app creation.Much respect my good man.

  2. Lisa

    Okay…all set up before I left the house this morning. In the past, I have found the radio bug comes into play for apps that were active while I was on wi-fi, and then switched over to data. Is this set-up supposed to lessen the radio bug, while not eliminating it entirely? I still had at least 20 min activity on at least one app when I checked close to an hour after being on data. I love the idea, just don’t know if this works for me. I’ve been using LeanDroid and having the data periodically switch on while I’m out and about.

    1. Adam Willis Adam Willis

      Hi Lisa, I appreciate you giving Mobile Radio Pwn a shot and getting back to me with your feedback. I assure you that I am currently working on putting together an update that will allow the whole package to be me much less convoluted and not have to rely on a second app, stay tuned for that in the coming week.

      With that said, I’m not sure that I fully understand your question, but I will attempt to answer it to the best of my ability.

      It appears that you were able to follow the instructions as far as enabling ‘External Access’ for the Toggle Data 5.0 app. This is something I’m working to do away with entirely, but for the moment, it’s required.

      Anyway, without being able to actually view your stats, what I can tell you is that no, this app is not going to eliminate Mobile Radio Activity all together, you wouldn’t want it to do that anyway, as it would prevent you from being able to access the internet at all when not connected to WiFi.

      What it’s designed to do is correct the ‘Mobile Radio Active Bug’ meaning, a commonly experienced bug in which an app utilizes or ‘hooks’ your Mobile Data to perform an internet related task while not connected to WiFi. This is normal, however, the bug is caused by the app that initiated that ‘hook’ failing to release it when reconnected to WiFi, thus your devices Mobile Radio ‘sticks’ on when it doesn’t need to be causing astronomical Mobile Radio Activity and excess power consumption. When using Mobile Data, you will always generate some Mobile Radio Activity, the problem is Mobile Radio Activity being generated while connected to WiFi. That is what this app aims to prevent. To give you an example:

      Normal Mobile Radio Activity would look something like this:

      CPU Time: 25 Minutes
      Mobile Radio Activity: 25 Minutes

      Conversely, the ‘Mobile Radio Active Bug’ would look like this:

      CPU Time: 25 Minutes
      Mobile Radio Active: 2 Hours 47 Minutes

      I hope I adequately answered your question and helped to give you a better understanding of what this app intends to prevent.

      1. Lisa

        Hi Adam,

        Thanks for that explanation. Makes a lot of sense. I’ll have to look into it closer now, with the new information I have. I’m not sure my phone is actually doing this. I was under the false impression ANY mobile radio activity was undesired. It appears mine might be within the range of normal.

        Your set-up was super easy, and I recommend others try it if they are having the issues you speak about. I’m finding it just as easy to use LeanDroid to turn data and wifi off, and then back on again every 15 minutes (change to suit your needs) to sync. I just use the widget to quickly disable if I find it necessary to keep a constant connection.

  3. Asuka299

    Thanx for sharing, may I know the ROM you are using and theme name too?

    1. Adam Willis Adam Willis

      Certainly, I use BrokenOs, which is not a CM-based ROM and thus uses the RRO Layers Theme Engine. I use a combination of several Layers, but the primary one that you’re seeing in those screenshots is called ‘Purity Yellow World’

      1. Nicolás

        I’ve just downloaded your app and I’m really looking forward to see it doing it’s magic, thanks for making it for free, really appreciate it.

        Off topic: In the description you said you were running Amplify, but as I’ve heard you can’t install Xposed on BrokenOS, can you?

  4. AntMunny AntMunny


    BRUH, this app drained all my battery, yo!!!


    Thanks for this. I’ll cheggit out and take a look.


  5. Jay

    I toggle mobile data with the commands svc data disable / enable. Is the app doing something different? Asking because with mobile data disabled overnight, my phone still drains. Any thoughts?


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