Dax Nagtegaal

Week 3 – Sunday sadness, where are the reviews?!!

Unfortunately we won’t have any reviews for today (Sunday/6/15) and we sincerely apologize for this, 6 of us are very busy in real life at the moment, 3 have been working on testing and writing their reviews for Wednesday and one of us is going through the wonderful OnePlus RMA experience… :(

We’re still working hard on getting organized and will continue posting reviews, do not worry, on Wednesday we will have new guest reviews and a few reviews of our own. Again, we apologize for the disappointment today but we will deliver on Wednesday and hopefully every Sunday/Wednesday from there on out.


  1. Steve

    OwnROM was about to be tested, but there is no review…

    Just wondering if you guys forgot about it…

    1. Dax Nagtegaal Dax Nagtegaal

      Very sorry for the late reply, but no, it has not be forgotten. Tiago will post his review on it tonight.

    2. Tiago Tiago

      Hello Steve

      The OwnROM review is up. You can check it already.

      Sorry for delay



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