Week 8 – Just ROM reviews? Nah!

[Update] As promised, we present to you moar things! To add to the Moto 360 impressions and the AK Kernel spotlight, we bring you two more articles for tonight: A PAC-MAN ROM review by EpicSwirly, and a How-to-guide for Running Linux on Android by Rez K.

You can find the PAC-MAN ROM under Android ROM Reviews and the Linux on Android article in More Goodies. Enjoy!

Greetings fellow tech enthusiasts! So for the last two weeks we’ve been teasing that we’ll be posting more “pleasant surprises”, and to start off this week, we bring you two very different kinds of reviews/articles: first impressions of the Moto 360 smartwatch by Tiago Marques, and a step-by-step guide to the AK Kernel by Adam W!

You’ll find both these articles under our new “More Goodies” menu, or you just jump straight to it by clicking here.

Coming later tonight: one more surprise article to do with a certain familiar penguin friend of the green Android guy! 😉


  1. Christopher Liu

    Yeah, um, we can’t click on the reviews because the “More Goodies” tab pushed the “Android ROM Reviews” tab too far to the right. Now, when you pick a ROM, the drop down list extends out of my screen. It’s at 100% zoom for Google Chrome. Yes, if you zoom out, you can click it, but that’s a bit inconvenient, right? perhaps you can make the drop down (with separate reviews) drop to the right? Thanks.

    1. Rez Rez

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Chris. And very sorry for the inconvenience, rest assured, the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks again! ☺

  2. riccardo

    toc toc
    there is anybody out there?

  3. riccardo

    toc toc…
    there is anybody out there?


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